Hemosurf licentie NVvH

HemoSurf is een interactieve hematologie atlas die kan worden gebruikt ter ondersteuning van het hematologisch morfologieonderwijs. Hemosurf omvat meer dan 3000 foto's van bloed en het beenmerg uitstrijkjes. Door middel van modules van toenemende moeilijkheidsgraad en feedback, raakt de gebruiker steeds meer vertrouwd met de interpretatie van bloed en beenmerg uitstrijkjes. 



Na inloggen ziet u het Hemosurf-menu in de menukolom links verschijnen. 


A: Learning Modules

The Learning Modules are all built upon the same principle. At the beginning you will examine and compare the various kinds of cells and the qualitative abnormalities of the blood and/or bone marrow. In the next step you must recognize these cells and abnormalities. You will always receive feedback as to whether you are right or wrong. At the end of the program, you will have to assess the blood film of important hematological diseases. Read the instructions for each module carefully. Red numbers indicate sequential order.



White Blood Cells
You will learn how to recognize normal and pathological leukocytes as well as toxic abnormalities of neutrophils and monocytes. You will then differentiate the leukocytes of fifteen different diseases.


Red Blood Cells
Here, you will learn how to recognize the qualitative abnormalities of red blood cells. You will then assess the red blood cells of eleven different diseases.


You will learn step by step how to recognize the quantitative and qualitative abnormalities of platelets. You will then assess the platelets of five different diseases.


Artifacts in the Blood Film
In this module, you will learn to recognize and identify different artifacts.


Normal Bone Marrow
You will learn step by step how to recognize normal bone marrow cells as well as how to assess cellularity and iron content. 


B: Reference Modules

Unlike the learning modules, here you can systematically consult blood pictures and information about the most important hematological abnormalities and diseases.



Gallery of Blood and Bone Marrow Films
In this module, you can examine the blood pictures of more than 60 diseases. For some of them the bone marrow films are presented as well.


All Informational Units
You can access the list of all the available units found in the program here.


Laboratory Techniques
Read the instructions on how to produce a blood film and how to perform a May-Grünwald-Giemsa stain as well as a reticulocyte stain. Watch QuickTime movies in which these procedures are demonstrated.
Read the descriptions on manual and automated blood cell counting methods. Their advantages and disadvantages are also discussed.



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Authors: Dr. med. U. Woermann, Mrs. M. Montandon, Prof. Dr. med. A. Tobler

English version: K. Mauger MA, G. Rodgers MD PhD, University of Utah